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Some of our current and past projects include:

The Bookcase Project - In 2016 Ten Fold Plus donated homemade bookcases filled with books to 88 head start children and their families in Otsego County to encourage literacy and family time in the home.  We are in the process of figuring out where this project will be taking us next, stay tuned to find out more!

Chemo Comfort Bags - Ten Fold donates bags to our local chemo centers to provide comfort to patients receiving chemo.  These items include things like lip balm, hand lotion, hand sanitizer, blankets, stuffed animals, journals, tissues, slippers and more.   All items come in a bag that may be used for carrying these and other important items between home and the doctors for their monthly, weekly or daily appointments.  New this year is we will also be providing these bags for dialysis patients as well who would benefit from these items well.  This is a ongoing project. 
Sexual Assault Comfort Bags - Often when a sexual assault victim goes to the hospital all of their clothes are kept for evidence, sometimes victims end up leaving in hospital gowns or used clothes.  This is why we developed the SA Comfort Bags, we hope that these bags create some small comfort during a very difficult time, by offering victims new clothes, underwear, socks, personal hygiene items, journals and resources for victims after they go home.  This is a ongoing project.
Help for the Holiday's - Ten Fold offers at least two (often more), assistance during the holiday's to families in need.  We specifically focus this project on single mother's and women with children.  This is a ongoing project.
Made with Love - This is a new and upcoming project, stay tuned for details!
Besides these projects listed, Ten Fold is involved in many small ongoing projects, with a special interest in cancer patients, women and children.
Ten Fold Plus wouldn't be what it is today, without all of the ladies who make up our wonderful group.  They are all so full of love, support and community!  Thank you!

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